Hi! =)

So, it has been a while since my last writing here. So, I would like to share something which is my current artwork. This time is a bit special because i just bought my first iPad. And it was all just to try procreate since i like to sketch and draw.

My iPad is 10.2″ 7th generation and yes i bought the apple pencil too. It is a cheaper version compared to the latest released iPad pro which I don’t afford to buy. haha

Anyway, procreate is all that matter. So far, i quite like to use it for my drawing.

These portrait drawing is dedicated to my friends at work. I might say it is a gift for them individually.


Robot and senses

Speaking about robot while we are in era of emerging technology around the world, is fascinating as it sounds. Just imagine that we don’t need to do repetitive things which is tedious, boring and tiring. we can see this clearly at factory producing cans, bottles, automotive, home appliances and such. Let’s leave all that to robot and let’s spend our time to think more big stuff.

We could think more on financial issues which always happens especially to the middle and lower class. If the rich becomes more rich, i want to believe that the poor also can becomes rich with a correct guide and path. Maybe we just need more effort than the rich because we are just started in the game. Of course we need all incentives or helps to reach the same goal.

Originally the robot is made to make human life easier. It is not about feelings or emotion, or even attitude. Does it help a lot in our lives? Yes it does. However, a more bigger concern is rising at the same time. We slowly losing our human senses as we depend a lot to robot. We take guarantee of what we achieve and not improving. The existence of robot is not the fault here. Our attitude or mindset is. Our brilliance seems rising but the attitude is falling. Having robot in this world and improve ourselves at the same time is the for me, the right thing to practice.

The robot is just a tool. The main brain is still us.

sketch and sketch

Sketching has been my hobby since i was in my childhood. Well, apart from writing.

So, I would like to share my artwork as well as my memory of them.

Here you go. Don’t forget to share what you think of my portrait sketching.


A single man in dilemma

He is just a man.

A man who is trying to see the world and how it works. As he tries to make a living. He wasn’t born in a wealthy family. Since he is the only male among the siblings, he received a lot of expectations from his family. And he knows, when he follows what he has been told, he can’t do what he likes. He learns passion from order instead of hobby. Sometimes, he pushed himself too hard.

He did fail many times. When he woke up, he only sees disappointment from others towards himself. When he sees opportunity, he wants to grab it. But a strong black wind push him back to the past, reminding him what he had left behind.

He is just a man. Tied together with all the burdens and chained with responsibilities that will never disappear.

Theater point of view


As I was disappointed because I missed a theater show last night, I admit I felt a little bit gloomy. However, it was not because I really love theater performance, it was because I’ve spent three hours beforehand to queue but it was all in vain. Wait, maybe both. There were too many people earlier than me and obviously, I didn’t expect that to happen. The venue is small enough for one university’s students. Although it was just a college-level theater, the audiences were like waiting for national-level performance. In my university, there are twelve colleges and each college takes part in the theater competition. The prizes are not much but as you involved in it, you’ll take more value on the experience and the fun. =)

For those who want to try something new and you haven’t watch a theater show, go watch the live performance theater. It is amazing and you can look at it in a lot of perspectives and different angles. To see the whole set on the stage, the actors come up one by one to perform with different characters, the costumes, the music, the smoke coming out from smoke machine gives chill, the echo of the sound and the great lines from the script. You may consider the theme of the show to your interest earlier just in case you’d be bored by theme that you don’t like. You pay the ticket, you have right.1530708_532380463568279_1366710004_n10963950_1375721289414738_1999056879_n10979630_834179686642509_43655007_n11008319_1614239362140861_1982351711_n

Creative adaptation

Here I am, still in the same country for the past 23 years of my life. I’d like to travel but I don’t have a chance yet. Spending more than two decades in my life in Malaysia, my beloved country. It doesn’t mean that I know it perfectly. There are still many places that I am curious about in this small country. I only have a few foreign friends, mostly I knew while I’m studying for the past five years.

Being born, building relationships, studying and working make me unrealized how many years I’ve spent. Sometimes, I look at my mirror to see whatever changes and write about myself in a lot of ways just to know whether I’m changed or not, and how much changes. I guess everyone wonders the same.

I do think on how to build good personality, be creative and innovative as they are not for ourselves but later become benefit for the country. Lets talk about movie or film as entertainment. I can say that I’m interested in watching film, but not all genres. Thriller, mystery, crime and science fiction become my obsession these days. When I mentioned mystery and crime, I do talk about The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He is one of my many respected figures as a novelist. I admired his work and his art of story telling is very compelling. Of course I wish I can write a story close to his credibility someday. Although at the moment it seems impossible. =)

I do watched Sherlock Holmes Series by BBC starring Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch or widely known as Benedict Cumberbatch, believe me that he is in great fandom in the current time since he played the character of Sherlock Holmes. He also played in theater Hamlet and many more. I admit that it was one of the best series I’ve ever watched adapted from Sir Arthur’s work. They also have great casts.

Recently, I watched Dante’s Inferno. A film starred by Tom Hanks as Professor Robert Langdon, a fictional character created by author Dan Brown. It is the latest series since The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, and The Lost Symbol. I haven’t read the novels actually. Just the film. What picked my interest is the adaptation of history and poetry in the film which is rarely happen in my country’s film. To me, It is a good ideas to put them in film or drama series as entertainment has the greatest fan than others.

I believe the efforts to teach history is not a waste.


We learn Science in reflection since our primary school. So why not take it into practice, but in different perspective?

Sometimes I do reflect about my flaws, imperfections, mistakes,
what others can do that i can’t..

How much I disappointed my own father as I was not what he expected me to be, as a boy, as the only man among my siblings. What can I possibly do? I may got his physique, but my hearts and feelings are from her. My late mother.
How a person with such personality like me could even contribute to society, that still unknown to me. and so to them.

I still feel sorry for the people that involved with me while I’m still immature and do lots of mistakes to them. Disappoint them. In the past. Even now.

Sometimes we do try to be nice to others, but unknowingly hurt them instead. And then maybe, they would talk about it to their friends. Speaking of other people’s weakness or mistakes is always been a favorite thing to us anyway.

Again, I’m so sorry and let us together reflect our own flaws instead of just keep blaming others. Put aside the ego and stubbornness for a while. That is also one form of strength.


Ini sebuah cerita pendek..cerita aku yang setakat aku fahami sebagai kehidupan yang abstrak. Matlamat? Aku sedar siapa aku. Ilmu agama kekadang kering kekadang basah di dada. Macam iman. There you go..I’m a muslim. Aku bangga dengan agama aku. Aku sangat hargai apa yang agama telah ajar aku dalam menjalani kehidupan. Tapi aku sedih bila sesetengah masyarakat kini sungguh mudah melontarkan kata2 kesat terhadap sesuatu yang dianggap salah. Bukankah kita sepatutnya berbincang secara baik dahulu atas dasar menegur sahabat mahupun bukan sahabat.

Kenapa situasi ini berlaku? Sebab bila akal diagungkan melebihi ajaran agama, kita pula tidak mengejar ajaran agama sendiri. Nak salahkan siapa? Tepuk dada sendiri. Aku suka apa yang para tabligh buat, menyebarkan agama, berdakwah dan ianya berlaku secara perjumpaan dan bukan melalui media elektronik. Cuma dakwah pun ada caranya. Niat tak menghalalkan cara kan?..kalau tabligh pun tak boleh tegur dengan baik, then how do you expect yang bukan tabligh akan tegur sahabat secara baik? Jangan nanti mempersoalkan kenapa orang ramai susah nak dekat dengan kumpulan tabligh sedangkan begitu mudah untuk mendekati artis.

Ya..bukan mudah untuk berdakwah secara berkesan pada zaman kini. semakin maju teknologi tak bermaksud semua urusan akan menjadi lebih mudah. Jadi, bersabarlah. Sesungguhnya berita baik itu untuk orang-orang yang sabar. Janji dah ada usaha mana yang mampu.

Sesiapa yang tahu mengenai ilmu A, perlu dikongsi dengan yang lain. Itu tanggungjawabnya. Semakin berilmu seseorang, semakin banyak tanggungjawabnya. Semoga bertambah ilmu seseorang yang mengajarkan yang lain.